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using ssh tunnel as socks proxy

18 November 2010 5 comments


If you have a laptop then you surely have been in a situation where you need to have a secure connection while on the move. This is most important when you are at a random hotspot and need to log into a non-secure site (authentication over http) or do not trust the vendor providing the connection. If you have access to a server running SSH then you can use a great feature in openssh to set up a SOCKS proxy and route all your traffic through. This is very similar to VPN’ing but you can do it on the fly and dont have to have an special client software on your machine.

This is written specifically for Unix based systems with some stuff even more specific for Gnome. If you are using Mac OSX, Linux or Unix variants you can set up the proxy with the commands but telling your system to use the tunnel may vary. Under windows there is a way to perform all these same things with putty, my apologies for not covering that here. If you are a windows user and cant find any good documentation please let me know I would be happy to write it up. Read more…


Instalasi Virtualbox 3.2.10 pada ubuntu 10.10

18 November 2010 Leave a comment

Karena saya mau mencoba install debian yg berarsitektur mips, maka saya berniat untuk menginstallnya pada virtualbox saja.
Oleh karena itu saya install virtualbox dengan cara

root@laptop:~# aptitude install virtualbox-ose virtualbox-ose-dkms virtualbox-ose-qt

sampai dsini masalah ternyata malah bertambah dengan tidak bisa dijalankannya virtualbox, pesan error adalah karena kernel belum melakukan load suatu module. oleh karena itu saya berusaha mencari2 solusinya, bahkan link ini pun tdk berhasil.
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