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Create Solaris 10×86 USB bootdisk installer

28 July 2016 Leave a comment


USB disk (min size 4GB)

PC / laptop with solaris 10 x86 installed

Solaris installer iso image (tested with Solaris 10 x86 update 8/9/10/11)


Installation time will be much faster compare to install from DVDROM Read more…


Clear Digi_PortServer_TS16’s buffer using Scheduler on Solaris 10

24 September 2012 Leave a comment


Description : Digi PortServer TS16 always hang after operating for hours, and need to hot-restarted.
Analysis of Problem : We assume device hang because of buffer over flow.
Solution : Create script with specific function (login to the device, clear all buffer, logout) and execute automagicaly with cron scheduler.

Figure 1. Digi PortServer TS16 connect to Solaris box via UTP Cable

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Kill Zombie Process on Solaris 10 (or another *nix family)

30 August 2012 Leave a comment

    Requirement :

  1. Paham konsep Operating System secara umum.
  2. Paham konsep “process” pada unix family, utamanya Solaris.
  3. Terbiasa menggunakan OS Solaris10.
  4. Mau membaca & mencoba tulisan ini 😀

Attention :

Tulisan ini adalah pengalaman pribadi saya, kalaupun bisa menjadi tips bagi pembaca sekalian ya alhamdulillah, tapi klo systemnya menjadi error saya tidak bersedia untuk dikejar-kejar. Read more…

Sending data to serial port simultaneusly using jpnevulator

31 March 2012 7 comments

This solution comes when we facing trouble on solaris10 at remote site, whenever the machine read data from GPS using usb2serial cable, core-dump is always happen.

Before we go to the site (medan) we must simulate & solve problem at our office.

Laptop CQ-42 Read more…